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Vehicles provide an ideal way to deliver brand messaging in your area.

High-resolution vehicle wraps (large, vinyl graphics or decals) can transform any vehicle to constantly present low-cost, but high-impact, advertising that offers substantial brand awareness and sales and business growth.

According to numerous studies, vehicle graphics offer the single-most cost effective advertising of any major ad medium. The total cost to wrap an average van is less than one month’s typical billboard rental fee, yet often these ads will last for five years or longer. More importantly, a wrap can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day.

The surveys confirm that:

97 percent of respondents will recall an ad on a vehicle.
Ÿ98 percent believe vehicle ads create a positive image of the advertiser.
Ÿ96 percent believe vehicle graphics have more impact than billboards.

Most importantly:

ŸMore than 30 percent will make a purchase decision based on a vehicle ad.

Your wrapped vehicle reaches both pedestrian and other vehicle traffic, including your potential new customers sitting in traffic or driving down the street and onlookers from surrounding homes and buildings. Even when parked, your vehicle continues to generate valuable visual impressions for you.

48% of those polled viewed car wraps as the most unique advertising medium available.
ŸCar wraps and TV ads were viewed as the two most memorable media.
Ÿ47 percent of 18-34 year olds (millennials) surveyed found car wraps especially memorable.
ŸCar wraps rank highly among advertising media for positive associations.
ŸOf the target population, 61 percent spend more than one hour per day on the road, and 33% spend over two hours.